Ice 850 RO3 low
Ice 850 AV low Ice 850 MA low Ice 850 MA2 low Ice 850 AV2 low Ice 850 MA3 low Ice 850 RO2 low Ice 850 RO low Ice 850 MA4 low Ice 850 AV3 low Ice 850 RO3 low2 ICE 850 VE+DREAM 4830 low ICE 850 RO+EASY 4770 low ICE 850 AV+QUADRA 4160 low

Colours: Orange/Green/Red/Ivory/Brown/Anthracite/Blue and Black

Stackable to 5 units

Suitable for outdoor use

Min order qty 4 units


Ice Chair by Pedrali

Price starting from £79  

Comfortable and ergonomic, armchair Ice is made of resistant materials : polypropylene shell and anodized aluminium legs diam. mm 28.
Thanks to the strong materials used it is suitable for outdoor use.