Young 420 RS low
Young 420 BI low Young 420 BI3 low Young 420 RS low2 Young 420 V101 low Young 420 BI2 low Young 421 RS low Young 420 RS2 low Young 421 W low Young 421 RS2 low Young 420 RS3 low Young 423 W D40 low Young 421 W2 low Young 421 W3 low Young 423 W D403 low Young 423 W D402 low Young 421 RS4 low Young 424 RS D402 low Young 424 RS D40 low Young 425 GC low Young 423 W D404 low Young 425 RS low Young 424 RS D403 low Young 424 RS D404 low Young 421 RS3 low Young 425 GC2 low YOUNG 420 BI+INOX 4402 BI 02 low YOUNG FAMILY RS RS+C04 V103 RS+C06 low

Finishes Wood: Bleached Oak/Wenge/Cognac/Mahogany

                           Vintage Grey/Vintage Wenge/Vintage Walnut

Finishes Lacquers: Dark Blue/Light Blue/Dark Green/Light Green/Ruby Red/Pink

                                Light Grey/Black or White

*Other colours are available on request - min qty 20 units.

Minimum order quantity 2 units

Young Chair by Pedrali

Price starting from £209  

Designed to be light, natural, and at the same time robust, Young is a chair born from the union of a curved plywood body with a solid Oak frame, that outlines and enhances its sinuous design. Durable and yet lightweight thanks to its 3,5 kg weight, is available in several finishes.

Stackable version available (6 units) and with armrests, fabric seat upholstery also an option.