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Collective Ed Range

Price starting from £121  

The Collective Ed is a range of inexpensive Italian chairs and bar stools which share the same frame construction of a cross-membered seat base, tapered legs and back rest support. The chairs are differentiated by the style of the backrest.

Kora chair features a large upholstered backrest and seat. The Seven Chair features a chair and bar stool which has a slim wooden flush backrest and an optional wooden or upholstered seat. Clip chair has a smile shaped backrest with an upholstered seat. Eggy has a round backrest with either a central hole or upholstered pad in the middle of it together with an upholstered seat. Lilly chair completes the collection with a larger wooden backrest and upholstered seat combination. All the wood is derived from sustainable and environmentally accredited sources.

The frames are available in a number of wood stain finishes with a range of fabrics and colours available for the seats and backrests where appropriate.

Lead Time 4/6 Weeks